Revolutionising Customer service in Healthcare

It is very unfortunate how Medicine and Health Care is looked at as a luxury in today’s world when it actually as a matter of fact, is a very basic necessity. WOWSOME has taken the initiative to stir up this field.

Apollo Hospitals Healthcare Education Initiative Interactive Print - WOWSOME app
Scan the “Apollo Hospitals Healthcare Education Initiative” with WOWSOME app to “Understanding Thyroid Cancer”

WOWSOME takes its customer experience to an unimaginable level with Interactive Print. Along these lines, it has provided Apollo Hospitals with their “interactive walkway” which is lined up with these posters that captivate whosoever viewing it from the WOWSOME app. When viewed through app they become so much more than merely posters. They contain testimonials of patients, list of screening hospitals, contain interchanging text with infographics and the list goes on!

Apollo Hospitals Health Awareness Interactive Print Campaigns

As students of medicine, WOWSOME has a Health Care Education Initiative feature which makes studying Anatomy much more interesting and fun! Can you believe it? An example of this would be a recent feature on Understanding Thyroid Cancer that unlocks a quick video on the fundamental symptoms of thyroid cancer and prompts the viewer to ask for Expert Opinion or Book Appointment with just a click.

Another very useful and essential characteristic is one of its kind and provides for patient’s care and safety precautions. In the image recognition feature, the WOWSOME app recognizes the medication and lists down it’s description – how does it work, what is it used for, warnings & cautions, side effects, directions for use, storage instructions, expiry date etc. This not only can be used by individuals but also on a large scale by pharmaceutical companies and chemists as it makes it much easier and efficient for them to simply use a smartphone or tablet to scan a box of medical supplies to recognize the products or to check the inventory or even place an order to the supplier in case the product is running out of stock!

Dornier Gemini's Excellence in Endourology and Lithotripsy Interactive Print - WOWSOME app
Scan the print with WOWSOME app to understand Dornier Gemini’s Excellence in Endourology and Lithotripsy

If you thought that the WOWSOME app is all that is magical, it is only just the beginning. There is also a WOWSOME TV that is breathtaking in its own way. Reena Anchal, Manager CS & Admin of Healthware Pvt. Ltd with regard to the TV at the USICON 2016 said that “WOWSOME was fantastic and was something novel and new.”

Healthware Interactive Print Campaigns

One of the most awaited projects is the Apollo Hospitals WOWSOME Wall. Soon, one can experience an immersive delivery of brand information, service tools, navigation utilities and live listings on large creative walls in the lobbies of Apollo Hospitals across the world. The idea behind the interactive wall is that several users interacting with the same Wall will access personalized content, service info and quick utilities with unprecedented ease.

Sounds very WOWSOME now, doesn’t it?

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