There’s Much More to Business Cards

You go to a business event, meet someone, spend most of the time thinking what to say in order to avoid sounding stupid and immediately forget their name once it’s all done. How many times did that happen to you?

In this modern world of rapid networking and connections, I’m pretty sure our not-so-great memory still needs a constant reminder of business cards. When you are looking to add value to your business by expanding your contacts and you encounter a potential client, what would you do to make a lasting impression? You confidently introduce yourself, describe what you do in brief and hand off your contact information. Now in this scenario, you wouldn’t want to fumble and scribble the information on a napkin of course. Having a business card saves you immense amount of time and keeps you professional.

A business card that is well organized and aesthetically appealing has a potential to make a much better impression than a website or social media account, which can easily be lost in translation. They still do matter, but not necessarily in the conventional sense.

Here are 3 ways to make smart use of it in your business plan with AR:

  • Nail the First Impression:

    When it comes to self-introduction, sometimes verbal words are not enough. An appropriate business card does the trick too. Your vital contact information on an eye catchy piece of paper works in wonderful ways to capture the attention of your prospect. It definitely enhances your credibility a few notches above.

  • Tool for Direct Marketing:

    Maintaining new clients for future business opportunities is simple if you use your business card as a marketing tool. This is the most effective form of marketing as it involves face-to-face communication and physical contact with a handshake. Wherever you go, take your business card along. You never know, when you may encounter a valuable opportunity.

  • Build your Brand:

    Brand building is all about how recognizable you are a midst the plethora of other competitive businesses. What if your business card could establish your brand too? Traditionally, it contains your company logo, slogan and contact information. But today you can push the limits and align it to your business creatively and making it tech savvy using the Augmented Reality technology.

Contrary to the common notion that use of business cards is fading due to the digital boom, there are few innovations that have now emerged which make best of both worlds. By merging digital motion print technology with the traditional contact information, Augmented Reality Business Cards have hit the market. It gives a creative edge to your card and lets your prospect interact with it using the layered audio visual content and embedded relevant links to showcase your work/portfolio without any additional effort required. It is a much more personal and impressive way to present yourself.

So, let your Business Card do the talking. Embed an elevator pitch or a catchy introduction with Augmented Reality technology. Make such Augmented Reality Business Cards with WOWSOME app and create a lasting first impression.

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