Health Awareness Interactive Print Campaigns

“Emergency and Health care and Customer service simplified by WOWSOME Augmented Reality App”
Augmented Reality is gradually being used for more practical purposes apart from providing entertaining digital content to the users.

Check out how Apollo Hospitals Health Awareness and HealthWare Interactive Prints along with WOWSOME app creating awareness on Health using AR.

Download WOWSOME app , Open Motion Print and Scan the print.

Apollo Hospitals Health Awareness Interactive print Campaigns

LifeisPriceless AR Print staying healthy lifeispriceless-ar-print2

Giving Way to an Ambulance Augmented Reality Poster Aftermath Floods Interactive Print Apollo_ThyroidArticle_October Breast_Cancer_Interactive_Poster_WOWSOMEApp Cancer_is_Conquerable_DC(05.11)

Conquering Liver Cancer Apollo_AcuteHeartAttack_DecSixteen Apollo Emergency Heros Comprehensive Treatment of Stroke Interactive Print Proton Therapy Cancer treatment augmented reality print

Handling Road Traffic Accident Emergency Hero Augmented RTeality Print by WOWSOME App

Healthware Interactive Print Campaigns

Dornier Medtech AR Print - Healthware bk Ultrasound AR Print - Healthware LISA AR Print - Healthware

Ultravision AR Print - Healthware EMS AR Print - Healthware


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