Interactive Print – An effective marketing strategy for real estate

Launching a new property? Looking for new and innovative advertising strategies? Wondering how to come up with an out of the box marketing trend? Here’s how – the WOWSOME app unlocks virtual walk through on your printed brochure (or) print ad with its interactive print feature. That is to say that WOWSOME unlocks/plays advanced virtual reality  content on the relevant brochure page or print ad. For example, one can play a video by merely viewing the print ad through the WOWSOME app or even unlock access to more content or information; which not just gives them a deeper insight to the customer but also gives them a platform for interpersonal communication with your agent when there is an urge to know more by providing them with various call for action buttons. Therefore you can communicate specific and personalized information depending on the needs and interests of the viewer rather than generic.

Real Estate Augmented View with Mobile App
WOWSOME app unlocks the print to access to more content or information about the property


WOWSOME also has this very interesting and unique feature wherein it unlocks the 3D model of the property on page showing floor plan. How is this any different from the regular printed floor plan? For starters, the increase in dimension is a definite win win because it enables the buyer to explore the plot from various aspects by allowing them to set angles from which the plot can be viewed and even allows them to view the interiors! Besides this, it also fits the role of an interactive map that allows one to locate various sites within the same property. For instance, in case of a residential property, the map helps them locate various kinds of flats (1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK etc.), the pool area, the gym and so on. This not only filters their search but also helps them find their way to the specific location.

Nagpal Real Estate Augmented Reality View by WOWSOME App

All of this with merely one click. So what are you waiting for?  A few of our real estate clients namely A few of our real estate clients like Aparna Constructions, PBEL , Nagpal Developers, Prestige and Lodha Constructions are already enjoying and loving these WOWSOME features. You could be next!

Scan with WOWSOME app to unlock the digital content
Scan with WOWSOME app to unlock the digital content


Sample of 3D Virtual Real Estate Projects by WOWSOME App:

PBEL Interactive Print by WOWSOME App

Prestige Interactive Print by WOWSOME App

Aparna Cyber Life Augmented Reality Print - WOWSOME


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