Presenting a notch above awesome – WOWSOME AR!

Didn’t you always want to bend the rules of reality? After all, imagination can take you places right. WOWSOME App has everything that you need to be awed. It makes you believe that the world around you could be so much more. Because after all breaking free from the mundane is an opportunity we all are desperately looking for.

Selfie! That term is not just a mere word anymore, it’s a revolution now. Oh admit it; you are a willing victim of it too as much as we are. So amidst the surplus of these usual selifes, how do you stand out? It’s simple, you animate your world. Wondering how? WOWSOME App has its closet full of objects for you to try on and spice up your surroundings. “Wished to be a pirate? An angry bird? The batman?” Or just want to chill beside an insanely adorable pug? We’ve got all that covered. It sort of is like a wish granting factory. When you have such power in your hands to make reality more creative, there’s also a window to share all that to the world. The App allows you to share all these augmented reality images via various social media networks. It also includes an Activity Feed section which lets you connect with all those sassy WOWSOME App users all at once place.


Adding to what the app can do to your routine selfies and pictures, it also takes a step ahead in augmented reality with its motion print feature. The newspapers from Harry Potter’s exciting world are here now. Yes, you don’t have to crave for it anymore. Any print material that you read, could come to life with just a scan and a tap on your smartphone or tablet screen. The interaction with content is enhanced as it gives you a lot more to explore with cool animations, videos, galleries, links and shortcuts. Now if you’re a brand that is struggling to find its way to their customer’s overly cluttered minds or just saturated with the traditional mass mediums of marketing and advertising, it’s time to wake up to WOWSOME. Apart from Motion Print ads, benefit of selfies WOW Art to brandsGive products, mascots, brand ambassadors, merchandise for users to create amazing pictures/selfies with. UGC (User Generated Content) is wave in content marketing where brands have not been able to get in successfully. There honestly couldn’t be a better solution than this. Today when technology is changing so rapidly, you’d be glad that we kept you way ahead of the rest.

Motion Print - WOWSOME app
Motion Prints are prints published with WOWSOME Augmented Reality application, that carry and extra digital layer to make your reading experience interactive.


At the end of the day, it’s all about the experiences you gather with what you do in your daily life. WOWSOME App is an amalgamation of innovation, interaction and information that lets you run wild with creativity. It makes the real world much more interesting than it ever was by making you ‘see more’.

You can tweak what you see, jazz up those oh-so-precious selfies and bring life to any static content. Looks like it’s time to bid goodbye to boredom!

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